Never underestimate the power of advocacy.

Invite others to invest in your vision. Allow them to embrace you by giving them a clear reason to believe and buy into your company.

Distance yourself from the competition.

Stand in stark contrast to your competitors. You are competing for everything: investors, grants, customers, talent, and resources. You need to be the unrivaled option.


Create a clear narrative and own the conversation.

This is your genius and your vision. Craft ownable language that claims leadership in the category and is unique, exciting, and memorable.

Simple communicates faster.

Complex messaging creates confusion. Confusion creates boredom. Boredom leads to the abandonment of great ideas.


Consistency and discipline change minds.

Be consistent in your messaging and disciplined on how this shows up in the world. Over time this will shape the way people view your brand.

If you want to be big, look big.

Presentation shapes perception. The way you show up has to reflect the belief and quality you have in your vision. You are selling confidence. You are selling premium.

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